Variegated Colors

Lime Splash – lime to soft green to Cobalt to Violet
Maine Woods and Waters – deep blue and evergreen
Caribbean Waters – turq blue with violet &/or teal splashes
Florida Keys – Violet, Cobalt, turquoise
Bahama Bay – softcobalt/turquoise
Mermaid Lagoon – teal w blue & /or violet tinges
Blue Heron – silver gray to blue to lavender
Desert Jewel – silver gray to turq to lavender
Pink Fairy Wings – soft pink with lavender & cream
Blue Fairy Wings – soft blue with lavender & cream
Poodle Skirt – pink shading into silvery gray
Peachy Keen – seashell pink shading into silvery gray
Twilight – silver, Violet into indigo, navy blue

Night Shades – smoky shades of violet to indigo/navy
English Sheepdog – black to gray to cream
Frog Kisses – chartreuse with blue-green “kisses”
Peach Melba -peach/fuchsia/raspberry/violet
Lemon/Lime Souffle – pale yellow or lime green
Ocean Storm – med grayed green with indigo splashes
Coffee Bean-rich deep warm multi-hued brown
Copper Kettle – copper with dark brown touches
Birch Bark – soft grays & browns & cream
Mendocino Vineyard-olive/indigo/violet
Enchanted Forest golden brown /indigo/violet
Night Bloom- cranberry shading into charcoal
Cobblestone – shades of taupe/gray/cocoa
Soho-lighter gray shading into darker charcoal
Metallurgy – classic gold & black
Parrot Bay – papaya to green to turq/ocean blue
Dirty Martini – olive shading to charcoal