Undyed Colors

RAINFOREST- Soft/deep purple, blues, green
VIOLET- purple, solid or with blue tinges
BLUE/VIOLET – Deep cobalt blue/purple
COBALT- Royal to deep blue, solid or / violet tinges
LIME SPLASH – Lime to soft green to cobalt to violet
MAINE WOODS & WATERS- Deep blue & evergreen
CARIBBEAN WATERS- turq. blue with violet &/or teal
FLORIDA KEYS- Purple, cobalt, turquoise
BAHAMA BAY- Soft cobalt/turquoise
MERMAID LAGOON- Teal with blue &/or violet touches
BLUE HERON– silver gray to turq to violet NEW!
DESERT JEWEL– silver gray to turq to violet
PERIWINKLE- Soft lavender / blue
FAIRY WINGS- Soft blue or pink with lav. & cream
PETAL PINK- Soft pink
DUSTY ROSE- Muted, Victorian rose, pink
ROSE BLUSH– soft medium rosy pink
ITALIAN BRICK– rust, cinnamon
PLUM DANDY- soft to deep variegated plum
POODLE SKIRT ~ pink shading into gray
PEACHY KEEN~ seashell pink shading into gray
CORNFLOWER BLUE– Soft blue with violet cast
TWILIGHT- silver, violet into indigo/navy blue
NIGHT SHADES-Smoky shades of violet to indigo/navy
SILVER- Pale silver to light gray
BLUE STEEL – Deep bluish gray
BLACK- Soft charcoal to deep black
ENGLISH SHEEPDOG – black to gray to white

FROG KISSES- Yellow green with blue green “kisses”
HIBISCUS- soft -med warm rosy/pink, melon
SPRING GARDEN–Soft,pink,lav,blue,green,yellow,peach
PAPAYA- Warm, buttery rosy peach
PEACH MELBA- Peach/ fuchsia/raspberry /violet
LEMON or LIME SOUFFLE- pale yellow or lime green
RED- Warm, earthy or cool, bright
OCEAN STORM- Deep, dark eucalyptus green
MIDNIGHT BLUE- Deep indigo, navy
EGGPLANT– Deep, dark purple
EUCALYPTUS- Pale, cool, light sage green
SEA BREEZE– Soft silvery green /soft silvery blue
LILAC- Soft lavender, violet
SEASHELL PINK- Soft peach, coral
MUSHROOM SOUFFLE– Soft hues—gray, taupe
COCOA BROWN – Soft to med cool brown
COFFEE BEAN – Rich, deep warm multi-hued brown
COPPER KETTLE-copper with dk brown touches
ZINFANDEL-Rich deep brownish red
REDWOOD- Rich, reddish brown
BIRCH BARK – Soft grays & browns & cream
BUTTER PECAN – Oatmeal/warm amber tone
TAUPE– Soft beige, champagne

Limited Edition Colors…Chocolate Series, Ocean Blues,
Slate Forest, Mendocino Vineyard, Night at the Museum,
Enchanted Forest, Night Bloom, Lemongrass, Orange
Sunshine,, Mahi~Mahi, Cobblestone, Soho, Metallurgy,
Night Bloom, Parrot Bay, Dirty Martini and more!