Need a beautiful but stress-free project?

Blanket Kit is available in multiple colorways – give us a call and we’ll create a unique group of colors just for you! Kits start at $75 ($45 for baby’s)

The online shop is still a work in progress – please call and a real live person will help you!

We are currently open by chance or by appointment . We won’t have regular winter hours but instead will be “on call” any day.

Yarns Dyed with Style!

“The mailman just delivered some of the most beautiful yarn I have ever seen! I love it! Thank you so much for all of your products – they truly make knitting even more relaxing and fulfilling than it is with any other yarn!”

Tess’ Designer Yarns offers exceptional colors of hand dyed yarns in quality fibers at reasonable prices. From vivid variegated splashed yarns to sophisticated subtle neutrals, we have the yarns you need for your next knitting project. With over thirty years experience hand dyeing, you can count on Tess’ for the highest quality.


All yarns are dyed by one person ~ each batch is unique ~ no formulas!! We still offer yarns that are really hand dyed ~ we do not try to produce massive quantities of yarn ~ just the best quality in the most gorgeous colors.


Presently, to order yarn from website, first select color ~ either solid or variegated. after selecting color, then choose yarn from drop down menu. Just like our shop and show displays have always been organized ~ color first!

If you are trying to match a yarn previously purchased, please notify us first; a sample may be necessary!

Separate undyed yarn listings are sold at a 20% discount off regular prices.

We have over 35 different yarns in hundreds of colors! Please read link below or call us for immediate help to order

(Pantone color chart)
check out this color chart to find a color that you like,
Give us a call and we’ll do our best to make it happen!
Previews of new designs & colors can be found on Instagram or our Facebook page!
Thank you for considering our yarns!

RAINFOREST- Soft/deep purple, blues, green
VIOLET- purple, solid or with blue tinges
BLUE/VIOLET – Deep cobalt blue/purple
COBALT- Royal to deep blue, solid or / violet tinges
LIME SPLASH – Lime to soft green to cobalt to violet
MAINE WOODS & WATERS- Deep blue & evergreen
CARIBBEAN WATERS- turq. blue with violet &/or teal
FLORIDA KEYS- Purple, cobalt, turquoise
BAHAMA BAY- Soft cobalt/turquoise
MERMAID LAGOON- Teal with blue &/or violet touches
BLUE HERON– silver gray to turq to violet NEW!
DESERT JEWEL– silver gray to turq to violet
PERIWINKLE- Soft lavender / blue
FAIRY WINGS- Soft blue or pink with lav. & cream
PETAL PINK- Soft pink
DUSTY ROSE- Muted, Victorian rose, pink
ROSE BLUSH– soft medium rosy pink
ITALIAN BRICK– rust, cinnamon
PLUM DANDY- soft to deep variegated plum
POODLE SKIRT ~ pink shading into gray
PEACHY KEEN~ seashell pink shading into gray
CORNFLOWER BLUE– Soft blue with violet cast
TWILIGHT- silver, violet into indigo/navy blue
NIGHT SHADES-Smoky shades of violet to indigo/navy
SILVER- Pale silver to light gray
BLUE STEEL – Deep bluish gray
BLACK- Soft charcoal to deep black
ENGLISH SHEEPDOG – black to gray to white

FROG KISSES- Yellow green with blue green “kisses”
HIBISCUS- soft -med warm rosy/pink, melon
SPRING GARDEN–Soft,pink,lav,blue,green,yellow,peach
PAPAYA- Warm, buttery rosy peach
PEACH MELBA- Peach/ fuchsia/raspberry /violet
LEMON or LIME SOUFFLE- pale yellow or lime green
RED- Warm, earthy or cool, bright
OCEAN STORM- Deep, dark eucalyptus green
MIDNIGHT BLUE- Deep indigo, navy
EGGPLANT– Deep, dark purple
EUCALYPTUS- Pale, cool, light sage green
SEA BREEZE– Soft silvery green /soft silvery blue
LILAC- Soft lavender, violet
SEASHELL PINK- Soft peach, coral
MUSHROOM SOUFFLE– Soft hues—gray, taupe
COCOA BROWN – Soft to med cool brown
COFFEE BEAN – Rich, deep warm multi-hued brown
COPPER KETTLE-copper with dk brown touches
ZINFANDEL-Rich deep brownish red
REDWOOD- Rich, reddish brown
BIRCH BARK – Soft grays & browns & cream
BUTTER PECAN – Oatmeal/warm amber tone
TAUPE– Soft beige, champagne

Limited Edition Colors…Chocolate Series, Ocean Blues,
Slate Forest, Mendocino Vineyard, Night at the Museum,
Enchanted Forest, Night Bloom, Lemongrass, Orange
Sunshine,, Mahi~Mahi, Cobblestone, Soho, Metallurgy,
Night Bloom, Parrot Bay, Dirty Martini and more!